5 Signs You’re Easy Prey for Clickbait. #7 is a real gas!

  1. You clicked on this link.
  2. You don’t know what clickbait means.
  3. Seriously, though, every time someone clicks on listicles like this, the internet breaks a little bit. And a puppy dies. Speaking of puppies, check out #4…
  4. Look, a puppy. Being cute. Aaawww…

  5. Or cats, doing silly but charming things, like impersonating a donkey…

    Clawless kitten
  6. Or that uptight actress getting her comeuppance by slipping on the red carpet… Whatever. It doesn’t matter. The point is, it’s a list. Lists are short, easy to read, and your attention span narrowly defeats that of a goldfish, thanks to your addiction to reading lists. (It’s a vicious circle).
  7. Besides, you know it’s only a few clicks to the end…
  8. …except it isn’t, because at the end there’s a list of Other Fun Lists You May Have Missed.
  9. It can go on forever, little factoids that you’ve forgotten in the time it takes to read them. Perhaps one of them might be of minor interest, but you keep on clicking, because it’s like a game you know you can win.
  10. Alright, just one more click… Here’s one you might have missed previously

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