What can we say here about the secretive West Clare Writers Collective that hasn’t been said before?

Quite a bit, probably.

Led by warrior-poet and philosopher-king Benny Neylon, the existence of the shady WCWC was publicly acknowledged in late 2013, coinciding with the release of Ben Moran’s Yarns. Lou Shalloo’s debut collection of short stories, Thumbprints, followed in 2014 before Buck Reidy entered the fray with 2015’s The Holiest Bible Ever (implausibly co-authored by God Almighty, but that’s Buck for ya!).

Benny Neylon released his first novel, the (mildly) dystopian satirical thriller NSA in late 2016.

At present, there are a variety of other works in the pipeline; West Clare Writer’s Collective aims to produce at least one book per year. In the meantime, there is always beautiful literature appearing on this website, as if by magic, to fill the void.

If you would like to be first to read this beautiful literature, that’d be lovely. Easy enough, too. Just add your email address on the form to your right (no, up a little bit… just up… there! Yup, that one), and we’ll make it happen. Who knows, we might even send some other stuff your way: special offers, free things ek setera.

Moist regards,

The Collective

July 1978