Philosophical Question

Is it better to live and suffer, or to never to have lived at all?

If you don’t eat meat on moral grounds, what do you imagine would happen to the billions of animals that are reared for meat?

Let’s be honest, if there was no demand for beef/pork/lamb/chicken, those animals would be nearing extinction. Is that any better?

(Btw, I favour an existence as humane as possible for all living creatures (except perhaps snakes, the sneaky fuckers))

Animals aside, life can be pretty crap for most humans, too: loved ones die, (if we’re lucky) we get old and infirm, we are aware of our mortality, life is full of injustices while we’re living, and many forms of death have long and dreadfully painful build-ups. Not to mention bills, stress and money troubles…

And yet still, I’m happier to have lived at all. As crap as life might seem at times, can you come up with a better alternative? For us or the animals?


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