Rights of the Unconceived

Never mind the unborn child, what about the unconceived child?

Equal Rights for All

Does not each and every sperm, and every egg, deserve a chance to be born? Why should their rights be denied? Who has the right to determine that their particular DNA should not come into being as a being? Where do we draw the line between a foetus that deserves life and one that doesn’t?

If time and a bit of luck is all that separates one sperm from becoming a fully-functioning member of Western society, then – when we talk about rights – doesn’t every sperm deserve a chance?

Spare a thought for impure ones

What about unused sperm and wasted eggs? Think of the wet dreams and young women wastefully not impregnated upon reaching sexual maturity. Think of the children, the wasted children. What of these never-born infants? What of their unborn children, and their unborn children’s children.

Don’t they have rights? Does the UN Charter not protect these? If not, why not? Did they not deserve an equal chance to live and procreate? What wonders might these unconceived people have visited upon the world, had they but had the chance?

The Homo Sapiens Spectrum

If all that separates some dimmer members of humanity from the more intelligent members of the dolphin, ape and bird families is that the human ones are ‘part of our species’, then the whole argument in favour of equal rights for all is a very specious one. The line between those who deserve rights and those who don’t is as arbitrarily-drawn as that separating the man who scrapes into Heaven and his slightly-less-good pal who is condemned to lifelong suffering in Hell.

That’s how we detect the hand of man at work in rule-making: it’s all a bit too bloody arbitrary.

Call to Action

Today, therefore, let us create a non-profit organisation to bring to life all human sperm and eggs. Let us harvest sperm and eggs, by force or stealth if necessary, and match them into egg-sperm pairs, and even create eggs to compensate for the rampant inequalities present in nature. How’s that for equal rights?

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