The dangers of imitation…

The following conversation was overheard between two participants at a conference for variety performers:

–I’m a mimic, said the first man.

–I’m a mimic, parroted the second.

–I’m a mimic, repeated the first.

–I’m a mimic, chimed the second.

and so forth, ad inifinitum, or at least for many hours. Needless to say (but I shall say it in any case), both performers were, in fact, as it transpired, mimics, and dedicated ones at that, and had to be removed from the venue forcibly, and in the interests of the safety of other visitors to the conference, some of whom witnessed the battle of wills in its entirety and had to receive counselling. A small child (is there any other kind?) was taken into custody, blathering about becoming a mimic.

One of the mimics was later rehabilitated into what one might term ‘normal life’ after a sojourn in an institutional facility; unfortunately, the other mimic could not be saved and had to be destroyed.