The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog…

Fox…but the fox got it in the end.

How the lazy dog did it was quite ingenious, not to say ingenuous, for it was certainly not that. Although he was lazy, he was not so lazy as he appeared, and in fact far more cunning than anyone gave him credit for (It was rumoured that his bitch of a mother was half-fox herself).

The Setup

The lazy dog lay prone, as if asleep. Nothing unusual there; he normally slept around that hour of the day, and many other hours too, being lazy. He chose a hollow near the path in the forest clearing, where he knew the quick brown fox passed by.

The Play

When the quick brown fox saw the lazy dog, he couldn’t resist jumping over him. Oh sure, he did it in order to fulfil usage of all the letters of the alphabet in the shortest possible sentence, but it was more than that. He did it for the thrill of it, for kicks. Well, the quick brown fox got a kick alright, but not the kind he was expecting.

The Coop de Grace

When the quick brown fox took his jump over the ‘lazy dog’ he plunged into a hole that the lazy dog had dug. Inside the hole? A brood of 37 murderous chickens, come to seek their vengeance.

killer chickens

Yes, the fox had some explaining to do there, not that he got the chance. The outcome was as certain as it was bloody: henpecked is no way for any fox to die.

There’s a moral to the story, if you look hard enough. Probably. If it didn’t strike you immediately, don’t worry: just enjoy the story for its clean prose, its message of the eventual triumph of good over evil

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