Theme for a rail ad campaign…

Heart to Heart.♥

Ah, train travel.

Picture glorious slow-panning shots of lovers loving, young and beautiful people embracing in edifices from another (better) era, stepping off the train, right into the heart of the city, where they want to be.

I mean, really: would you choose this…?


Or this…?


Case against the accused

Why choose standing in endless lines of panicky stressed people, swallowing the last of your beverage and awaiting your turn to partially derobe, expose your smelly feet and pass through the metal detector and twitchy fingers of a security guard, all at some 1960’s monstrosity of an airport a million miles in the wrong direction from where you want to go, several hours before you want to go there? Why?

Why this?

Bow your head in defeat, weary wanderers

Observe the waiting room of the nearly-departed. Defeated, downtrodden travellers, in their naffly-furnished, low-ceilinged purgatory…

Heart to Heart.♥

Really, why all that? It’s so easy to amble up to the train station not ten minutes before the chariot departs, plop down comfortably in your seat and brace yourself as you speed like an arrow to the heart…

giphy (1)

…of your destination. Boom!

Heart to Heart.♥

Later, when you feel like a walk, take one! Take a stroll between carriages, select another seat in another carriage, if you like. Or rest a while in the dining carriage, stretch out, have a drink at the bar…

Maybe catch someone’s eye there… Oh hello, love…

Aaaand fade to black, then one last time…

Heart to Heart.♥

Aaah, lovely.

Come to think of it, perhaps the real mystery is why rail companies are so bloody awful at promoting their clearly superior wares.

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